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V. Islands Marketing

Our mission

Sales & Marketing Representation in France and Europe

V. Islands Marketing provides an efficient sales and marketing support to some of the most unique and spectacular world’s hotels and cruises. 

We provide a valuable extension to the in-house sales and marketing teams in France and Europe. 

Created in Paris in 2003, V. Islands Marketing has established long, trustful and personalized relationships with its customers and trade partners seeking to develop their business in Europe.

Vaima Devimeux, who created the company, graduated in Marketing in France and the USA. She has been working in the tourism industry for over 25 years. She is supported by a committed and knowledgeable team.

V. Islands Marketing trademark : A lot of commitment, energy and enthusiasm!


Our Approach

Expertise in unique, high-end, sustainable hotels and cruises

We specialize in unique, high-end niche hotels and cruises to which we provide our deep market knowledge.

The keywords defining the hotels and cruises we represent: luxury, authenticity, experience, adventure, uniqueness, sustainability.

On behalf of our clients, we build strong relationships with identified key actors and develop their exposure and business awareness, catching any opportunity that may arise on the market. The final achievement is to increase their sales generated on our market. 

Our team is passionate and has a deep respect for our hotel’s and cruise’s own branding and positioning. 


Our Team

Passionnate, committed and enthusiastic!

All members of our team have a strong academic background and a comprehensive and long experience within the travel industry (national tourism board, tour operator, travel agency...). We are multilingual (French, English, Spanish) and share expertise in high-end and sustainable tourist products.

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Vaima Devimeux

Owner & General Manager

Vaima Devimeux, company founder, studied Marketing in France and the United States. She has more than 25 years of experience in the tourism industry. She is supported by a committed and knowledgeable team.

Stéphanie Mages

Account Manager

Stéphanie Mages has been working for V.I.M for the last 3 years. She holds a Master degree in Tourism & Hotel Management of the Sorbonne University in Paris and has had 12 years of experience in her field, as promotion manager in national tourist boards and representative offices.

Madalina Ancutoiu

Back Office Manager

Madalina Ancutoiu integrated the team in 2020. Graduated from ESTHUA with a Master’s degree in Management of tourism and hotel organizations. She evolved in the marketing department of several major tourism players such as a cruiseline, TO, tourist board and representative office.

Céleste Ferrand

Junior Account Executive

Céleste Ferrand integrated the team in September 2022. She holds a Master degree in Tourism & Valorization of Cultural Heritage of the Sorbonne University in Paris. She has several months of experience as Account Manager and Product Assistant in tourism companies. 

Laurie Jankovic

Back Office Assistant

Laurie Jankovic holds a Bachelor degree in International Tourism Management. She worked four years as Executive Assistant with tourism related companies (Transport & MICE). She joined V. Islands Marketing as Back Office Assistant in 2022. 

Why Us?

A small, highly specialised team

  • We are a small, highly specialised team 

  • We deal exclusively in niche products we are passionate about

  • We have extensive knowledge of the European market for high-end experiential travel, based on more than 15 years of experience

  • Over the years we have developed close working relationships with major tour operators and agencies specialising in high-end adventure travel

  • All our products promote sustainable development through environmental protection and involvement of local communities

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