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Sales & Marketing Representation Office

Travel & Hospitality Industry


About us

V. Islands Marketing provides an efficient sales and marketing support to some of the most unique and spectacular world’s hotels and cruises. We provide a valuable extension to the in-house sales and marketing teams in France and Europe. 

Created in Paris in 2003, V. Islands Marketing has established long, trustful and personalized relationships with its customers and trade partners seeking to develop their business in Europe.

We have priceless connections with the French and European tourism trade and build strong relationships with identified key actors to develop the exposure and business awareness of the hotels and cruises we represent.

Our guiding principles: Commitment, energy, and enthusiasm !

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Our Actions

During all the years working in the representation business, we have made priceless connections with the French and European tourism trade and have surrounded ourselves with professionals in the areas of press relations, digital design and SEO.

Sales Calls



Press Relations


Social Media




Our Collection

We specialize in unique, high-end niche hotels and cruises to which we provide our deep market knowledge.

The keywords defining the hotels and cruises we represent: luxury, authenticity, experience, adventure, uniqueness, sustainability.

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